Must check some easy summer tips

Summer is already giving us much heat, sweat and a part of that some summer enjoyment. But before you head towards any concept you must learn to be healthy and shining in this summer. So go below to reach few tips to cope up with extra heat.

  • Stay hydrated- first and most important thing is to keep yourself hydrated, drink plenty of water and juice.
  • Eat fresh- east only fresh food that can give you a balanced diet.
  • Make Sunscreen mandatory –  harmful UV rays can damage your skin so never forget to apply a proper sunscreen before leaving your house.
  • Don’t play in sun- don’t allow your child to play in sun as he or she can fall sick.
  • Wash your hair daily- sweating can make your hair rough and smell bad try to wash them daily with a regular mint shampoo.
  • Cover your head- always cover your hair from sunlight as it can damage your scalp and hair.
  • Fruit juice- fruit juice can help you to remain extra energetic.
  • Take a shower after a gym- you must take proper shower after gym as sweat causes bacteria which can make you fall sick.
  • Fruits- make fruits compulsory in your diet.
  • Body care- body care is also necessary apply a good body cream while going out in sun.